Membership Process & Requirements

“The Order of the Knights of Columbus is the same now as when first instituted. It is an Order composed of Catholics and instituted for the welfare of Catholic families”

— Father Michael J. McGivney, Knights of Columbus Founder

Just as Father McGivney personally asked men to assist him in establishing his mission, so too must members of our council continue that mission and ask every eligible Catholic man in our parish and community to join our Council.

If we are to achieve successes like we had in 2020, we must welcome new members so we can continue to do the charitable work we do.  So if you are thinking you like what you see, we welcome you to have further discussions with our Membership Team.  Remember, it’s just a discussion where you will be able to ask more questions and learn more about the Knights and our Council.  If you then decide that you would like to join us, our online and on-demand process now makes it very easy for you.  Better yet, if you join us by December 31, 2021, your first years’ dues are free.

For more information, please give us a call:

  •  Jon Hoscheit, Membership Director: (615) 881-3265
  •  Mike Lepore, Deputy Grand Knight: (515) 306-0380
  •  Bill Wirtz, Grand Knight: (937) 470-7795