StaffTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Cindi Van NostrandDirector of Operations  (352) 330-0220  Send Cindi an Email
Star CiccioOffice Manager(352) 330-0220Send Star an Email
Lee Valente  Accountant (352) 330-0220 Send Lee an Email
Carmen Kreeger  Operations Assistant(352) 330-0220 Send Carmen an Email
Joyce Prendergast  Administration Assistant(352) 330-0220  Send Joyce an Email
Linda Tedesco  Liturgical Assistant(352) 330-0220  Send Linda an Email
Denise LundMinistry Assistant(352) 330-0220  Send Denise an Email
Krysten BracagliaCommunications Coordinator(352) 330-0220  Send Krysten an Email
Todd Besecker  Maintenance Supervisor  (352) 330-0220  Send Todd an Email
Frank Webber Faith Formation Director  (352) 643-7017  Send Frank an Email
Sheryl Sherry  Faith Formation Clerical Assistant  (352) 643-7053Send Sheryl an Email
Sr. Dn. Dana McCarthy Director of Liturgy Comm  (352) 750-9875  Send Deacon Dana an Email
Becki PishkoMusic/Choir DirectorSend Becki an Email
Dawn DiNomeMusic/Assistant Choir DirectorSend Dawn an Email
Sherri EnglandFood Pantry  (352) 748-0778  Send Thom an Email
Michael Leahy  Our Mother’s Attic  (352) 689-0128  Send Michael an Email