Construction & Financing Updates

Each year we have been blessed with an operating surplus, where contributions received exceeded expenses.  The surplus monies are deposited in our general savings account.  These funds are unrestricted, and in the past have been used to help fund capital projects at the parish, such as land acquisition, paved parking lot, rectory, and maintenance building.  They are also necessary as a reserve for operations and unexpected costs in emergency situations such as our current pandemic. 

The Building the Way to Heaven Campaign goal was set at $7 million—approximately 60% of the projected total cost for the building of the Family Life Center and the expansion of the church.  These donations are restricted funds and are only used for this project.  In addition to the Campaign, a loan of $4 – $5 million dollars was budgeted.  The Family Life Center was budgeted at $8.002 million, and the costs are on track.  We have raised over $4.2 million of the $7 million campaign goal.    

The Building the Way to Heaven Campaign collection was initiated through the Catholic Foundation, and the collection for the pledged monies will continue to be managed by the Catholic Foundation through December 2020.  We will transition the collection of outstanding pledges to the parish after that date.

We have implemented a second collection for Debt Reduction to enable efforts to continue to raise funds for the building projects.  The second collection will occur once each month starting in October 2020.  Monies can also be contributed online through Faith Direct.  A recurring gift can be set up, or a one-time contribution can be made.      

The church expansion is on hold currently due to the pandemic and economic uncertainty.  Safety factors must be first.  We pray for God’s healing touch upon the world.  

We thank you for your generosity and continued support of the parish community.  

Stay well and may God continue to bless and protect you and your family.