How to Watch Mass from Home – Livestream vs Recordings

Starting today, Monday – May 18, we are reopening for Daily Mass. In order to attend, a ticket must be reserved and a mask is required. Click here to reserve a day and time for the Mass. Recorded weekend Masses will continue posting to YouTube until Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31.


Live streaming is the broadcasting of live video to an audience over the internet. It is unedited footage and it is in real-time. This method is what we have used for 10 am Mass in the past and Streamspot is the website we have used to broadcast.

If you happen to miss the scheduled live stream, live broadcasts can be archived for viewing. Videos are immediately archived on Facebook. The live videos can be archived and available on our YouTube channel, but at a later time. This is similar to how we used to upload homilies after the weekend.


Recorded video is footage that has been edited and recorded at an earlier time which is then uploaded. YouTube is what we have been primarily using for recorded Masses, as well as recorded songs for reflections and recorded bible study. With recordings, you are able to watch the videos at anytime after they are posted.


We are trying to make Mass as accessible as possible so we have made some changes.

Streamspot is what we will be using to broadcast the Daily Masses. When we resume weekend Mass on Saturday, May 30 & Sunday, May 31, this will broadcast live as well. These broadcasts will appear primarily on our StreamSpot channel, but will also be available on our Facebook Page!

Click here for StreamSpotLive Stream

Click here for Facebook – Live Stream

We will be following our regular scheduled Mass times for Daily Mass which is Monday – Saturday at 8 am.

This coming weekend, May 23 & May 24, we will upload the weekend Mass to our YouTube page. They will be available on Saturday, May 23 at 3 pm.

Click here for YouTube – Recorded Mass

We hope that this helps those who still wish to celebrate Mass from home and we appreciate your patience during this time.