Good News from the Food Pantry

Due to the abundance of generosity from our parishioners and neighbors, Our Mother of Mercy Food Pantry was able to distribute 12,007 pounds of food to the local community last Friday, April 24. While monetary donations are much appreciated and will be used at a later date, we currently need to continue collecting physical food items in order to keep our shelves well stocked for the community.

We are serving many families in our area who have lost their employment due to the pandemic, as well as feeding children that no longer have access to school provided meals.

Food items that we consistently need: All canned meat – spam, chili, chicken and ham, canned soups such beef stew, chicken & dumplings, chicken noodle and vegetable, canned tuna, pork & beans, canned fruit and vegetables, spaghetti sauce, canned pasta with meat, muffin mix & other bake mixes, canned or packaged potatoes, macaroni & cheese, cereal and oatmeal, and white rice.

Food Drop offs are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Bins are provided under the church portico. Please bring food items during this time only.

Lord, help us to live the virtue of generosity, to love without limits.”

Pope Francis